B Arch Course Details : Bachelor of Architecture(B Arch) : Eligibility, Admission, career

B.Arch means Bachelor of Architecture which is an Engineering and Architecture Bachelor's Degree Program. This five-years full-time course combines theoretical and practical knowledge where we teach students planning, designing as well as building a variety of physical buildings. This course is available in both private and public colleges.

This course covers various other disciplines like environmental studies, mathematics, engineering, and aesthetics. To make the course interesting, interactive, and creative, it includes the principles that include theory subjects, research, project work, studio, and assignments. In this article, we are going to cover complete information regarding this course in details.

B Arch Course Details : Bachelor of Architecture(B Arch) : Eligibility, Admission, career

B.Arch Eligibility Criteria

If a student wants this course then there are some eligibility criteria for him/her.

  • Students must have completed Higher Secondary or 10+2 in the Science stream.

  • Students must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the 10+2 examination.

  • Students who have completed a 10+3-year Diploma (Any Stream) from any Central/State Government College with 50% aggregate marks are eligible for B.Arch.

  • Students who have completed their International Baccalaureate Diploma after 10 years of schooling with not less than 50% aggregate and mathematics.  Mathematics should be a compulsory subject of the examination.


Given above are some points which are the eligibility criteria for the B.Arch course.  Students who satisfy the above criteria are eligible for B.Arch.

B.Arch Course Duration

The duration of the B.Arch course is five years.  This 5 years is divided into 10 semesters.  The BArch curriculum covers introductory subjects such as architecture, and planning as well as specializations, hence students need to do MAR (Master of Architecture).  

As we know the whole syllabus is divided into semesters, it takes 6 months to complete each semester.  If a student gets supplementary in any subject in any semester then the student will appear in the supplementary examination along with the junior in the next year.  If a student fails in any semester then he has to go back one year, so the student has to study with full focus.

Skill Required for B Arch Course

B.Arch is an undergraduate degree program that processes technical skills as well as design skills.  B Arch course imparts many prevalent and useful technical skills as well as interpersonal skills.  

B Arch course develops a team spirit in the students and it helps them to become more precise and accurate and also provides a platform to improve their communication skills.  This course teaches them flexibility and self-discipline.  Some skills are given below.

  • Technical skills

  • Design skills

  • Communication skills

  • mutual skill

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem-solving ability

B Arch Admission Process

There are some entrance exams like NATA, AAT, and JEE Main to gain admission to the B.Arch course.  When a student is successful in these examinations then the student will get admission in government or semi-government colleges of India.

This course involves high fees so if a student wants this course and is not financially stable enough to pay their fees then they have to complete the entrance exam then they will get a good college with low college fees.  This is a big facility for students.  B.Arch admission process is given in the following procedure.  Follow the following procedure and take admission in the B.Arch course.

  • First of all we have already discussed the eligibility criteria for this course so students need to check whether they are eligible for this course or not.

  • To apply for the B.Arch course program, students have to visit the official website of the entrance exam like NATA, AAT, or JEE Main.

  • Students will have to complete their registration process by giving accurate information about themselves.

  • Then they will appear in the entrance examination (NATA, AAT, and JEE Main) for the B.Arch course.

  • The result will come a few days after appearing in the entrance examination.  Students who will get shortlisted in the given entrance exam will go for the next process.

  • Shortlisted students will be called for the counseling process.

  • After completing the counseling process, suitable students will be given admission based on skill and availability of seats.

B.Arch Entrance Exams

There are three popular entrance exams for taking admission in B.Arch, the details of which are given below:

  • NATA

NATA means National Aptitude Test in Architecture.  It is a national-level entrance examination conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA).  NATA is the exam which is conducted twice a year in April and July.  This exam lasts for 3 hours and candidates have to solve only one paper which has a total of 125 questions.  This paper is in the English language.  nata. in is the official website of this entrance exam where any eligible student can register themselves.

  • AAT

AAT stands for Architecture Aptitude Test.  AAT is one of the national-level entrance examinations.  This is for the B.Arch course in IIT.  Only candidates who have qualified for JEE Advanced can appear for the JEE Advanced AAT entrance exam.

  • JEE Main

JEE Main stands for Joint Entrance Examination or JEE Main.  It is a national-level entrance examination.  On qualifying for this exam students will get top engineering institutes in India.  It has two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. To gain admission to the B.Arch course, candidates have to qualify for the second paper.  JEE Main is the first stage of the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. 

Careers Opportunities After B Arch Course

There are many career opportunities with different salaries after completing the B.Arch course.

  • Architect

Architect is known as a licensed profession.  Architect plans and designs buildings as well as other structures.  When we talk about the primary role of an architect we know that the architect creates functional, aesthetic, and safe spaces that meet the needs and preferences of their clients as well as comply with building codes, environmental considerations, and regulations. 

Salary: 23.6 lakh per year

  • Urban Planner

An urban planner is a job that carries the huge responsibility of planning, designing, and managing the development of cities and communities.  The urban planner is responsible for collaborating with government agencies, architects, and communities.  They will ensure that urban areas are fully functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Salary: 5.9 lakh per year

  • Landscape Architect

Landscape architect combines art, science, and environmental science to design and plan outdoor spaces.  Landscape architects are responsible for creating functional as well as aesthetically pleasing landscapes that surround parks, gardens as well as urban grounds.

Salary: 7.1 lakh per year


As we already have the information, the BArch course is a course after 10+2 and there are three entrance exams for this course, through which we will get the best government colleges in India with low fees.  There is an option to avail of this course through the private sector also.  There are many career opportunities after completing the B.Arch course so if any student wants to do this course then do not think much because it is a very good course for future opportunities.  


  1. What is the eligibility for B.Arch?

Students who have completed their Higher Secondary School or 10+2 examination in Science with a minimum of 50% marks or any student who has completed 10+3 years Diploma in any stream are eligible to apply for the B.Arch course.  Are eligible.  They are eligible for entrance exams like NATA, AAT, and JEE Main to take admission to B.Arch courses.

  1. Is B arch a good course?

B Arch stands for A Bachelor of Architecture.  After completing the B.Arch course candidates will design luxury homes and work as per the requirements of the clients.  This is the most preferred course because if you want to start your venture in the field of home designing and architecture then you will be able to do it. 

  1. What to do after the completion of b Arch?

By completing the B.Arch course, you will be able to work as an architect.  You will get jobs as an Urban Planner (M.Arch UD), Restoration Architect, and Interior Designer, and also be able to work as a Research Architect, Landscape Architect, Town Planner (M.Plan).  After this course, the candidates will also be eligible to start their venture in the field of Home Designing and Architecture.

  1. Which one is better between BArch and BTech?

Choosing between B.Arch and B.Tech depends only on the personal decision of the candidate.  It depends on the candidate's interests, skills, and career aspirations.  A short comparison of the courses is given below:-

Focus – The B.Arch course focuses on design, creativity, and technical skills as well as the B.Tech course focuses on engineering, technology, problem-solving, etc.

Career- After completing B.Arch, candidates will get jobs as Architect, Interior designers, Urban Planner and after completing B.Tech course, candidates will get jobs as Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Data Scientist, etc.

Specific Skills- The specific skills in B.Arch are Drawing, Visualization, and Design Thinking as well as the specific skills in B.Tech courses are Mathematics, Physics, and Programming.

Salary- The salary of B.Arch course candidates depends on their experience and expertise and their salary ranges from medium to high. Also after B.Tech the salary will be high with the possibility of rapid growth.

  1. Name the top colleges for the BArch course.

There are many top colleges for B.Arch courses in India whose names are given below –

  • Sir J.J.  College of Architecture, Mumbai

  • School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh

  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

  • Jamia Millia Islamia University etc.

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