Shipment Label Created: Understanding UPS and Common questions

It can be irritating when you find that your UPS tracking status is stuck on “Label Created” for a long time when you’re looking forward to receiving an item. Don’t worry, though, as we go into the details of this status and answer frequently asked queries about shipment labels.

Shipment Label Created: Understanding UPS and Common questions

What is shipping label created?

“Shipping label created” defines the first part of the shipping process, when the sender creates a label with all the necessary details about the box, including the tracking number, weight, measurements, and addresses of the sender and recipient. After that, the package is labeled to help it travel via the shipping network. However, as the package hasn’t been scanned into the shipping carrier’s system yet, it can take some time before the tracking number is updated according to the shipment’s progress.

Why is UPS Stuck on “Label Created”?

If the UPS tracking status for your package is “Label Created,” it shows that the sender has created the shipping label but it is still not checked into the system yet. This could be the result of a number of things, including sender processing problems, package pickup delays, or package being returned to a UPS site for scanning.

What Does “Sender Has Created a Shipment Label” Mean?

When the sender prints a shipment label, it means that they have started the process of shipping by creating a label with important information including the address of the sender and the recipient, as well as the weight, size, and tracking number of the product. However, the tracking status can stay at “Label Created” until the package is scanned into the UPS system.

How Long Will It Take After the Shipping Label Is Created?

Your package’s travels above the “Label Created” stage is going to depend on a number of things, including the sender’s location, UPS pickup schedules, travel periods, and any unknown shipment delays. After the label is created, packages should normally proceed through the system and display the most recent tracking information in 24-48 hours.

Are Shipping Labels Refundable?

Once shipping labels are ordered and created, they are usually not refundable. However, if they are canceled within a set period of time or if there are particular conditions that call for a return, including service problems or delivery problems, some shipping companies could offer refunds or credits for wasted labels.

Can I Use a Shipping Label Twice?

No, shipping labels are not meant to be reused for more than one delivery; they are meant to be used just once. Every label is unique and has particular information connected to a given shipment and item. Reusing a shipping label could lead to extra costs, damaged products, or delays in delivery.

What Happens if a Shipping Label Falls Off?

Delivery problems or delays are possible if a shipping label breaks off or becomes unreadable while in route. In these situations, UPS could lead to an effort to identify the box through using additional data, such the contents of the package or the addresses of the sender and recipient. But it’s important to use label wallets or the sticky tape to properly attach the shipping label on the package in order to avoid any problems.


While tracking the status of your shipments, being informed about the small differences between UPS tracking statuses like “Label Created” can help calm anxiety and frustrations. UPS is working hard to make sure the safe and timely delivery of your packages, even if there may be delays and unknowns. You can handle the shipping process with calm and security of mind if you remain informed and take responsibility.

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